When its a time to change tyres of the vehicle first is coming to customer mind is the quality of tyres and the road safety of passangers. As technological advancement in the china now they are the leading suppliers of tires in the world specially to GCC and UAE.

In this part of the world like Dubai UAE or GCC chinese are supplying very good quality tyres with GSO certificate that fulfill the requirements like weather or road safety laid down by GCC authority. When its coming to quality some very good chinese brands are coming to Dubai UAE in PCR, TBR, Agricultural and industrial tyres which are used in cars, vans, Light trucks, Lorries, Forklifts and tractors as well.

Major market players coming to Dubai or UAE are as follows supplying Pcr, 4×4, Run-flat, Sand tyres according to the region requirements.


1- Double Coin Tires:

A brand define as the top quality among chinese tyres by the users all over the world. Its size range is coming more for commercial vehicles. People are ready to pay more than korean products in Dubai and UAE. Double Coin is real example how chinese are made technological advancement in the past decade or so.

2- Double Star Tires:

When it comes to cheap tyres with good quality double star brand is one of the leading tyre brand in Dubai UAE. Double Star is one of the big factory producing the tyres for PCR, 4×4, Commercial Vans, Light trucks, big trucks, Forklifts, Agricultural, industrial vehicles. People choose cost effective products with good quality by selecting Double Star brand for their cars.

3-Durun Tires:

One of the leading tire production unit in china supplying cheap tyres in Dubai UAE. Durun brand supplying tyres for small cars starting rim size 12 inch to 26 inch rims. supplying tyres for commercial vans ranging from 185R14c/ 195R14c to 195R15c. Light truck Durun is the supplier of 700R16c to 750R16c. Truck sizes Durun supplying is 315/80R22.5/ 385/65R22.5/ 1200R20 and 1200R24. Durun brand is cheap in price and good in quality.

4- Full Run Tires:

A good chinese brand in Dubai and UAE with the range from pcr, Suv, 4×4 and commercial vehicle tyres in the region with the required certifications from the authorities to supply the Full Run brand tires for the end users with keeping in mind the safety and the comfort of drivers and the passangers.

5- Good Ride Tires:

Good Ride is a premuim quality chinese tires in Dubai UAE. Auto 1 is a brand suppliers to retailers Good Ride is a quality that people can trust on it. Good Ride is very famous in Dubai one of the oldest chinese brand coming to Dubai. Pcr Commercial TBR agricultural and industrial tyres are their main products.

6- Long March Tires:

Another market leader for light truck/ Truck/ Lorries tyres that occupy good share of market due to its quality in Dubai and UAE. Long March is from china and Jaspa Group is the official supplier for the brand. its quality makes it famous among Dubai and all over UAE. These tyres are coming with GSO certificate therefore its a perfect choice of customers.

7- Kapsen Tires:

A brand with very range from pcr to tbr covering most of the market demand coming from china. Patterns are also good with good quality and competitive prices therefore Kapsen demand is growing day by day in Dubai and UAE. Kapsen is also very famous among other GCC countries because company designed this tyre to keep in mind comfort of passengers and the safety of other road users.

8- Ling Long Tires:

A tyre giant from china coming OEM in many cars. People All over the world love Ling Long tires due to its dependable quality and competitive prices and very good patterns also make it more demanding. UAE market Ling Long covered good market share of PCR/ TBR/ Agricultural and industrial tires production lines. Its the first choice of customers from african region due to its good off road designs.

9- Pearly Tires:

Pearly tyres a chinese brand with GCC certificate has a growing demand due to its comfortable designs, Durability and cheap prices. all above mentioned are the customers preference now a days all over the world. Pearly tyres from china has all the required qualities therefore these tyres demand growing rapidly in Dubai and UAE.

10- Rydanz Tires:

A chinese brand engineered in Europ Rydanz tyres are fast growing brand in Dubai UAE and Muscat Oman. Rydanz patterns are very good for pcr, 4×4, off road and run-flat/ racing tyres. Kory tyres is the brand owner for UAE and Oman.

11- Seam Tires:

A chinese brand engineered in japan made in china became famous among Dubai and rest of UAE customers for its comfort durability and price with wide range of sizes in their lineup. Seam supplying tires for passenger, 4×4 and light commercial vehicle as well. Al nouf is the brand owner for Seam tyres in UAE.

12- Triangle Tires:

Triangle tyres is among the most famous brands from the china coming to UAE people love it due to comfort durability and good pricing. Triangle tyres are the best quality and a huge veriety in its line up from pcs/ 4×4/ light commercial vans to TBR sizes.

13- Wanli Tires:

Wanli brand is a very famous in Dubai and UAE tyres market from china. Saca international is the brand owner that is bringing it to UAE Wanli tyres quality, comfort and pricing is phenominal among users. Wanli tyres has a very big range of sizesfrom pcs, 4×4, commercial vans,truck and lorries.

14- Westlake Tires:

West lake tires are one of the oldest brands from china coming to Dubai and UAE. Dyna trade is brand agent to supply pcr, 4×4, commercial van tyres to UAE. This long relationship between consumer and the westlake brand china in UAE creates unparralel confidence in the mind of consumer. The prices are also very competitive.

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