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Are you looking for reliable tyres for your car in Dubai and Sharjah? Whether you are driving in the city or on highways or venturing into the rugged desert terrain. The tire plays an important role in your safety and comfort.

Falken Tires is a very well-known company in tyre industry. It established itself in 1983 in Japan. It introduced itself after 2 years in the tire market. The Falken brand designs a high-performance radial tire with OHTSU Rubber & Tyre Company.

The OHTSU tyre company collaborated with Sumitomo Rubber Industries in 2003. The Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) is the 6th largest tire manufacturer in the world. For more than 35 years the Falken company making Ultra High-Performance tires and products.

This company participates in professional motorsports events which helps them to improve the quality of tires for every type of car. The Falken uses cutting-edge technology which makes their tires the best. Their tyres give outstanding performance on both wet and dry roads.

The Falken Tire brand offers a wide variety of products for every type of vehicle including SUVs, medium trucks, and cars. The Falken Motorsports professional engineer makes special tread designs for every type of road condition. If you are looking for Falken Tyres UAE online in Dubai, then you can get them from us iTyreCare Al quoz.

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Why Falken Tyres?

The Falken specifically designed tires for the mid-range market. In the market, this brand has built a very good reputation. This brand never compromises on its quality. When you choose Falken, you’re getting benefits.

Safety: This tyre brand has safety as a top priority. Their tires reduced the rolling resistance which provides better griping even on the high speed. They offer tread life warranties.

Quality and Durability: Their tyre has a long life span, which is more valuable for your money. Their professional engineers make the best every-season tires, especially for Dubai.

Wide Range of Options: The Falken Tyre Europe Gmbh offers a wide range of tires including passenger cars. There are some famous tyres mentioned below from this brand:

  1. Falken Azenis fk510
  2. Falken Tires 235 45r18

Falken Brand Tyres Prices in Dubai, UAE

Whether you are going on an off-road adventure or on highway roads this brand gives you the best performance. This brand makes high-quality and a wide variety of products that meet your needs.

This brand always comes with new ideas in the industry. their technology always improves the tread life and gives the best gripping even on both wet and dry roads.

You accepted the excellence of Falken tires. Now you need a reliable shop to purchase them. Enter iTyreCare Al Quoz, shop. We give affordable prices for Falken and on other brands too.

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Yes, this company’s tyres offer good quality. they have high performance and long tread life.
No, Michelin is a French company, and Falken is a Japanese tire manufacturer.
Dunlop and Falken both are good tyre brands. They both offer a wide variety of tires for different types of vehicles and driving conditions. Ultimately, this depends on your needs and budget.
Both companies provide the best tyre in the industry. Both have high quality and performance. However, there is no clear consensus on which brand is better.
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