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The United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed countries in the world, boasting a network of smooth roads. If your car rims are crooked or you hear squealing noises from your wheels while driving, this can lead to distraction while you’re on the road. A damaged rim can lead to tire and suspension issues.

If your wheels are cracked, buckled, or dented, trust our rim repair experts in Dubai. With years of experience under their belt, the team at iTyreCare provides services such as diamond cutting, standard alloy wheel powder coating, and custom finishing and refurbishment.

Our experienced team consistently delivers satisfying results to our customers, ranging from alloy repairs to painting. If you suspect any issues with your car’s wheels, bring it to our iTyre shop for a free evaluation. If convenient for you, we can pick up your wheel, repair it, and return it fixed at your doorstep.


Our alloy rim refurbishment services

If you require any of these services, iTyreCare boasts a team of top technicians in the UAE who can assist you in restoring your vehicle’s wheels to their original factory condition.

Bent Rim Repair

Whether your rim has been damaged by hitting a pothole or for any other reason, we specialize in expertly restoring bent rims to their original shape. Get the best car rim repair service in Dubai with us.


Rim Straightening

We satisfactorily straighten all types of alloy wheels, including those for cars, SUVs, and 4x4 vehicles. Straightened wheels not only prolong the life of your vehicle's tires but also prevent other suspension malfunctions.


Custom coloring

A fresh coat of paint can enhance the appearance of your car's wheels, giving them a more attractive look. Our team is prepared to expertly customize your car's wheels to the color of your choice.

The most common reason is the need for wheel rim repair!

Alloy rims are favored in many modern vehicles for their aesthetic appeal and performance benefits. However, they are also susceptible to certain types of damage. Here are some of the most common reasons for requiring alloy wheel repair services:

  • curbing: One of the most prevalent causes of rim damage occurs when the wheel scrapes against a roadside curb, resulting in scratches or gouges on the wheel’s surface.
  • Potholes: Hitting potholes at high speeds can cause bends or dents in the rims, leading to issues such as vibrations while driving or tire damage.
  • Corrosion and Oxidation: If wheels are damaged or their protective layer is compromised, they can corrode more easily. Factors such as exposure to sea salt water, brake dust, and chemicals can accelerate this deterioration.
  • Buckling: This wheel distortion usually results from strong impacts, like hitting a big pothole or speeding over a speed bump. It can affect the balance of the wheel and cause vibration issues.
  • Cracks: These issues can arise from major impacts or from driving on an already compromised wheel. Cracks are particularly hazardous as they can lead to tire blowouts.
  • Scratches and Scuffs: General wear and tear or minor brushes against obstacles can result in scratches and scuffs on rims.
  • Paint and Lacquer Damage: With time, harsh conditions or chemicals can cause the paint or lacquer on wheels to chip or peel off.
  • Air Loss: Wheel damage can cause the tire to slowly lose air, even if the tire itself isn’t tyre punctured.

The need for wheel rim repair arises from a combination of aesthetic and functional concerns. While minor scratches might not affect the performance of the wheel, they can detract from the vehicle’s appearance.

TyreCare is a premium rim repair garage in Dubai.

You should address issues like buckling or cracking immediately, as they can pose safety risks. To minimize the need for wheel rim repairs, regularly inspect and maintain your vehicle. Avoid potholes, be careful around curbs, and clean the wheels to remove corrosive substances. iTyreCare is a trustworthy garage for alloy wheel repair in Dubai, offering services to fix all kinds of damaged alloy wheels and provide refurbishment.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can fix the bent rim. We used the latest technology to repair your alloy wheel.
It is a common type of rim damage. When the rim rubs against the curb, it sustains damage. With polishing, we can repair the minor damages.

Starting at AED 300

An exact rim repair cost can be determined after seeing the job.

Car rims are usually scratched due to friction with the road, but they can be repaired. iTyreCare is a trusted alloy wheel repair shop in Dubai that provides services like scratches, dents, wheel Custom Coloring and rim refurbishing at very reasonable prices.
It is the metal disc that is between the wheel and the hub. It improves the handling.

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